Profile of Board of Directors


Mian Ghulam Mohiuddin is the Chief Executive of the company. He has vast experience of financial markets in Pakistan, valuable knowledge in risk management, brokerage house operations, Textile and Hosiery Industries. He is in brokerage business since 1981. Before the incorporation of MGM Securities, he was managing the brokerage house as an individual member of the Lahore Stock Exchange. He is also Chief Executive of MGM Textile Industries (Pvt.) Limited and ZM Garments having export quantum more than US$10 million.
Syed Hassan Iqbal, a Chemical Engineer. Nominee Director of the company, an aspiring entrepreneur with a futuristic vision and approach. He made his career from a small time stock trader to become the Director of the company. Since 1994, he has been looking after Equity Trade and settlement of company. In his role, he has dual responsibilities of managing retail & institutional clients as well operational team. He has also been playing a revolutionary role in helping this company to achieve the highest standards in back office operations.
Zia Mohiuddin is a Director in the company. A graduate from USA, he brings with him over a decade equity brokerage business, Import and Export experience.



Investor Education